BlindTurner - Beta Testing

First of all, thank you so much for stopping by! It's really nice to see that people are interested in something I made.

I'm trying to do this as properly as possible while still keeping it simple and casual. The following is a guide for this beta test so we're both on the same page. Please review it in its entirety:

1) The goal of a beta test is to get honest feedback from users in order to improve the product before a final release. To receive a unit, you agree to provide a review on your experience with this "BlindTurner". I may email you asking questions, but would love to hear from you after you setup the unit, after you use it for a week or two, and any time you have something to say! I'd appreciate every single comment and critique you can provide me with.

2) I would like to move fast on this, if you don't have the time or interest to actually install/setup, test, AND provide feedback, then I ask that you please skip this test. You can enter your email below and I'll let you know when it's available as a final product.

3) As of now, these only work with Amazon's Alexa. To be eligible for this beta test, you must have an Alexa/Echo base device. Should this project gain traction, I plan on adding support for Google Home and Apple HomeKit, and/or whatever else gets high demand.

4) These do take me time and money to make. Right now, it's just me doing this on a small scale (there's only 10-15 of you beta testers). Each unit costs me $27 in parts & materials alone, shipping is another $5 or so. Each unit also requires 3.5 hours of printer time and 20 or so minutes of my hands-on soldering/assembly/etc time. With that said, I ask that you cover the shipping and material costs (which comes out to $32). I intend to sell these for about $75 as a final production product. I am certain these beta units will end up costing me more than $32/unit by the time these are shipped. Your feedback is what I value most in this process. Charging some amount also helps me weed out people looking for freebies, those who won't take this process seriously, and those who would never even consider opening their wallets for such a product. You can keep the prototype after this process, or you can trade it in for a final production unit when those are available.

5) I will send you the unit, wall mount, screw, stick adapter, and the power supply. You need to be able to mount it yourself. If you've mounted anything to a wall with a screw before, you shouldn't have a problem. I will also provide you instructions for getting it setup with Alexa and such. And of course, I'm always an email away. Your feedback on my instructions would also be appreciated.

6) I want to limit this to people in the USA (which is where I live). This will make it easier to ship things and do any back-and-forth that may be required. But if you really, really want to be part of this and live outside the USA, reach out to me.

6.5) There is no limit on how many you can order. In fact this is a helpful scenario to get feedback on and is encouraged, but not required. Feel free to add different colors/quantities colors.

7) I've put a lot of time and effort into this project. I ask that you please do not give/sell the unit to anyone else. That you keep this item and process confidential, at least until final production units come out. And that you do not make a copy of any kind. This point is very important to me and I am trusting you!

Assuming you agree to the above, all you need to do is click the AGREE button below which will take you to checkout where you can enter your info and payment. Please use an email where I can get in touch with you!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to let me know. You can email me at

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Alexa/voice controlled blinds. If you Want to help me and beta test one?Let me know! #alexa #engineer #electronics #diwhynot #arduinoproject #iot

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